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Posted by Jennifer on October 6, 2021 commented by Comments Off on D’Arcy Carden Lends Voice to “Born Perfect” PSA

LGBTQ rights organization Born Perfect has released a short film called “Bobby’s Big Problem” to educate the public about the dangers of conversion therapy.

Told through puppets, “Bobby’s Big Problem” takes a comedic look at conversion therapy, satirizing the outdated ideas of gender and sexuality held by the people in charge of such programs. In the film, a young boy named Bobby (RB Butcher) is taken to a therapist (Patton Oswalt) by his mother (D’Arcy Carden), who claims she “just wants what’s best” for her son as he begins to experience same-sex attraction. Though the therapist swears he’s not practicing conversion therapy (“No, no, no, we can’t call it that anymore!”), what follows is a series of scenes where Bobby and a cute fellow patient must assert their masculinity in order to “become straight” — something the therapist achieves by beating up pillows with tennis rackets and lobbing footballs straight at Bobby’s eyes. Bobby explains the experience to his friend Renee (Jasika Nicole), who helps him realize that what he’s going through isn’t therapy at all.

Source: Variety

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